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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Brazil adult sex traveler?

ClubHombre has all the information you need about adult and single male travel to Brazil for intimate adult relations with beautiful garotas and Brazilian women. Information on Brazil adult travel, nightlife and Brazil hobbying is just a click away!

ClubHombre currently features 57402 photos and 10704 Brazil photos.

Brazil is the largest country in South America, but it is the only country in South America where they speak Portuguese instead of Spanish. Brazil was settled by Portugal, not Spain. The main destination cities for sex in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is the business center of Brazil, so naturally they have a large sex travel scene there that caters to the business travel. However, nightlife action can be found in other cities such as Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Recife and Salvador. Obviously, the biggest scenes for sex will be found in Rio and Sao Paulo.

Brazil, along with Thailand is considered by many experienced travelers one of the most exotic destinations in the world. There is some debate about which destination is better. Both have their strong points and offer an experience unique to each location. But rest assured, if you choose Brazil as one of your adult travel destinations, you probably won't regret it. The sex there is fantastic!

Hobbying can be found from a variety of sources ranging from the beach, restaurants and cafes, massage parlors and termas (Portuguese word meaning "spa". Garota translates as "girl."), to some of the most amazing nightclubs you have ever seen before. There really aren't specific red light districts or brothels like there are in other countries.. However, the termas can pretty much be considered brothels.

The termas (Rio Termas especially) deserve special mention. If you have experienced the famous "soapy" massage in Thailand, then you will definitely appreciate the termas. Imagine going behind the fishbowl and being able to choose the lady. Even better, the selection process is interactive with the ladies actively touching you in unspeakable places and kissing you (open mouth tongue inserted) to close the deal.

An average termas will open sometime in the late afternoon or early evening. Upon entering you will pay a small entry fee and be given a towel. Most will have various facilities for drinks, a locker to store your belongings, etc. You can stay as long as you like. You can also walk around the club and talk to the ladies before deciding. Most will be very friendly so that you will chose them. Once you make your selection (one or two, it's up to you!) you are off to a small room or suite. The rooms have a bed, shower, and even mirrors for your viewing pleasure during intercourse. After your session you are free to stay and make another choice or you can leave, at which time you have to settle your final bill. Tons more details are available inside ClubHombre. Our Brazil section features some of the best and most up-to-date information found anywhere on the Internet! Upgraded members may view first hand the sheer beauty of some of these termas ladies. We have hundreds of pictures available. These small blurred samples can be viewed normally inside the Club!

The people in Brazil are friendly and helpful. Imagine strolling down one of the single beaches knowing you could pick out a lady and take her back to your hotel. Copacabana beach, in certain areas, is often times teaming with beautiful nude garotas looking to hook up with a foriegner. We've got the nude beach pictures to prove it! If you start to get bored with the beach scene, try the massage parlors and termas.

Later you can move on to the nightlife. Brazil features some of the most exotic nightlife and nightclubs in the world where you can find beautiful garotas. At some of the more popular clubs, for example Barbarella or Help, you can find a lady to share a drink. If you hit it off you can head back to your place for an amazing night of fun.

Did you know that a great deal of porn/pornography and XXX films are shot in Brazil? The Pretty Little Latinas series by Latin Eyes Productions and Third World Media are filmed in Brazil. Reportedly Peter North has been shooting there recently and we all know Snoop Doggy Dogg loves Brazil! If you have ever wanted to, or have the fantasy to fuck a porn star, many of the same ladies that appear in these films can be found at the termas around Rio. There is even a famous love motel located outside Ipanema where many of the films are shot. You can arrange to take a lady there or take several ladies at once from one of the dozens of escort agencies in the area. The VIP'S love motel is fully equipped for all your sexual needs. If you are looking for single male adult travel, then ClubHombre is the place for you!

Brazil is one of those adult travel destinations you can't afford to miss. can help you have a good time in Brazil. It is your one stop shop for all the fun and Brazil Hobbying information you'll ever need. We feature:

  1. Trip reports from experienced veterans and adventurous newbies about Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Seguro and more!
  2. Detailed information on the nightlife and adult scene and the wonderful women of Brazil. (+photos for Hombre Plus annual members)
  3. Reviews and suggestions for many major establishments including Barbarella, Help, Doma, Frank's and many smaller ones as well.
  4. If the termas are your thing we have you covered with reports about Aeropuerto, 4X4, Centaurus, L'uomo, Monte Carlo, Rio Antigo, Solarium Termas 65 and more!
  5. We have information about freelancer pickup places like Balcony, Mabs, Meia Pataca, and the open air restaurant outside Help Disco called Terraco Altantico (Atlantic Terrace). There is also an extremely inexpensive area called Vila Mimosa where pussy can be bought for about $10-$20 US dollars, but be cautious there!
  6. We provide details on where to stay and how to find the best deals. We have reviews of major hotels in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In Rio, we have information about Arpoador Inn Hotel, Atlantico Copacabana Hotel, Californio Othon Classic, Hotel Atlantis Copacabana, Hotel Debret, Ibiza Copacabana, Ipanema Inn, Luxor Regente, Marina Palace, Marriott, Merlin Copacabana, O Playa Lindo, Orla Hotel, Princess Copacabana, Rio Roiss, Savoy Othon, Visconti Apart-Hotel and many others. We also have information you may need about renting an apartment in Brazil. In Sao Paulo we discuss Braston Augusta Hotel, Grand Hotel Cadoro, and Parthenon.
  7. Find out why one of our members called Bomboa in Sao Paulo the best brothel in the world!
  8. Find out about escorts in Rio and escort agencies like Barra Vips, Cassiascort, Company Girl, Karla Models, Prazer Total, Sexy Hall and more!
  9. Learn why no trip to Sao Paulo would be complete without a trip to Antares, CelCenter, Francebel, or any other Clinica de Massagem (Massage Parlor).
  10. Find out why anal sex is abundantly available in Brazil and why the brasileiras (Brazilian women) love it so much!
  11. Expect that most ladies in the termas provide oral sex without a condom and it is safe!
  12. Ever heard of the shoe-shit scam? Avoid costly rip-offs and scams and save time after reading about how to avoid them at ClubHombre!
  13. We even got maps of the popular nightlife areas in Rio.
  14. Online calendar and travel buddy section for meeting up with fellow adventurers.
  15. Detailed suggestions and guides to make your adventures safer, more enjoyable, and more fun.

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